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  • Kask Infinity Caschi

    Kask Infinity Caschi
    219,91 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The Kask Infinity is pure aerodynamics. Tested in cooperation with the riders from team Sky, it is the perfect helmet for anyone looking for a technological and aerodynamic advantage.
  • Kask Rapido Caschi

    Kask Rapido Caschi
    69,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    24 air intakes, 100 % Italy made, a great fit. These are the main characteristics of KASK’s new entry level. Expanded polystyrene shell that optimizes crash impacts. Ventilation is achieved by...
  • Kask Protone Caschi

    Kask Protone Caschi
    188,00 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Prezzi di listino: 199,90 €
    RISPARMIA 6% = 11,90 €
    The Kask Protone - technically innovative and with an unique look. Developed in cooperation with the successful team Sky. The Proton sets standards in terms of ventilation / heat dissipation and...
  • Kask Bambino Pro Caschi Chrono

    Kask Bambino Pro Caschi Chrono
    289,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Calotta estremamente aerodinamica e performante testata nella galleria del vento in grado di offrire un coefficiente di penetrazione all’aria molto vantaggioso e di garantire un deflusso dell’aria...
  • Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet

    Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet
    279,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Top-of-the-line helmet developed in collaboration with Catlike R&D team and aerodynamics scientists from the University of Granada; the result is the Catlike Rapid Tri helmet which offers the best...
  • Catlike Mixino Helmet

    Catlike Mixino Helmet
    224,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is the first cycling helmet on incorporate Graphene nanofibers on its inner aramid skeleton. Thanks to the use of this...
  • Kask Valegro Road Helmet

    Kask Valegro Road Helmet
    149,99 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Prezzi di listino: 189,00 €
    RISPARMIA 20.6% = 39,01 €
    Kask's Valegro Road Helmet is packed to burst with protective technology. 3D dry padding, a polycarbonate shell and superb shock absorption work together in perfect harmony.
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9 product(s)

  • Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor

    Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor
    39,99 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor is a wireless, magnet-less, lightweight, cycling cadence sensor. This sleek, Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ enabled cadence sensor is easy to install, connects wirelessly to...
  • Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor

    Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor
    39,99 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The Wahoo RPM speed sensor is the sleek, magnet-less solution for capturing cycling speed data. It easily mounts to your bike's front wheel hub, and the Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual band technology...


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