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  • SKS VX Pump

    SKS VX Pump
    4,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The SKS VX is an extra light composite frame pump with dual head for all valves. High volume per stroke. The SKS VX can be fixed between top tube and down tube.
  • SKS Airmenius Pump

    SKS Airmenius Pump
    70,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    SKS's new AIRMENIUS combines high-quality materials in a professional floor pump. The highlights of the pump are the comfortable cork grips, the very easy to read 100 mm pressure gauge and the...
  • SKS Airworx 10.0 Pump

    SKS Airworx 10.0 Pump
    29,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The AIRWORX has been designed as a particularly robust and long-living floor pump for heavy duty professional use. Precision gauge on top with adjustment ring. Extra long high pressure tube. Steel...
  • SKS Twentyniner pump

    SKS Twentyniner pump
    30,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The pump capacity power package. The high output Twentyniner is the ideal floor pump for all mountain bikers and trekking cyclists. The high volume wide barrel provides an extremely fast build up...
  • SKS Rennkompressor Pump

    SKS Rennkompressor Pump
    43,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    For close to 50 years, the Rennkompressor has been the most popular pump in international cycling and the sole legitimate ancestor of all floor pumps. The 2008 version stands proud under the...
  • SKS Big Wheel Pump

    SKS Big Wheel Pump
    38,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA

    Non disponibile

    Floor pump especially for fat tyre bikes with big pressure gauge for precise pressure readings. Display both bar and psi. Easy inflating with proven SKS Multi Valve pump head with thumb lock lever....
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